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Teeth Whitening

A brighter, whiter smile is within your reach. Over time, our teeth are susceptible to discolouration through smoking, certain foods and drinking coffee, tea, and wine. Another common cause is tetracycline staining caused by certain antibiotics taken frequently as a child. A radiant smile looks wonderful and exudes confidence.

Our team at the Smile Manchester Clinic will perform an initial client assessment and closely assess the quality and condition of your teeth to determine suitability for treatment. We combine a deep cleaning and sealing of any vulnerable teeth prior to treatment to maximise the best results. Our years of experience using a variety of teeth whitening systems allow us to recommend the best choice for your unique situation.

Types of tooth staining can vary, and certain treatment methods may be more effective than others. The current condition and composition of your teeth can also factor into what option may be the most suitable. Whether its tooth whitening via a bleach solution or laser whitening procedures, the team at Smile Manchester has brightened and improved numerous smiles over the years.

We offer three different tooth whitening selections to suit different budgets and patient requirements. From custom fitted home bleaching solutions to one-hour laser surgery dental whitening or a mixture of the two options, we have the tools to provide you the whiter, radiant smile you have dreamed of.

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