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6 Month Smiles Braces in Manchester

A fantastic solution for those that have a short time frame to correct their smiles, such as an upcoming wedding or special event. 6 Month Smiles yields wonderful results quickly and comfortably. By using clear brackets that are bonded to the tooth’s surface and attached with pre-formed wire, 6 Month Smile Technology solely focuses on your front teeth as those are what is visible when you smile and are quicker to correct. The treatment is designed to aesthetically straighten teeth by tilting the crowns into the desired alignment rather than repositioning the root of the tooth. A full orthodontic assessment is undertaken to ensure you are suitable as well discussing all costs with different finance options to help spread the cost of treatment if needed. The next appointment will be to have the braces fitted to your teeth and you will need regular check-ups scheduled approximately every 6 weeks until your treatment is finished.

How Do the Braces Feel?

Generally, it takes patients a day or two to adjust to the feeling of having braces. There may be some slight discomfort for the first few days but that can easily be managed by over the counter pain medication. After a day or two, your lips and the tissue in your mouth will adjust to feeling the brackets and they will become barely noticeable. The best part about the 6 Month Smile treatment is that the braces are barely noticeable on you! From a normal talking distance, the majority of people will never know that you have orthodontics.

Do I need a Retainer?

A retainer is an important follow-up care routine after completing the 6 Month Smile treatment. Reason being, sometimes teeth want to shift back into their original position after braces have been removed. By wearing a lightweight, barely noticeable retainer overnight you can protect your investment and new smile. The retainer is included as part of your treatment program and your dentist will review how to properly use.

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