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All on Four Implants

Traditionally, dental implants require multiple sittings. This dramatically affects the regular schedule of a patient. In many cases, patients need to take a day off work and cancel other plans to make a dental appointment. Besides, multiple sittings can also drive up the cost of the implants.

In comes a new technology, All On Four Implants. This new technology in dentistry is changing a lot of lives. With this treatment, you can get an entire set of teeth in a day.

Find out more about All On Four Implants below.

All On Four Implants – what is it?

All On Four Implants is a new technique in prosthodontics. In this technique, four dental implants support the entire set of teeth. The implants may be in the patient’s e lower jaw and functions as the bridge for the whole set of teeth. But implants on the upper jaw is not uncommon.

These dental implants are a permanent solution. The position and the angles of the implants vary from one patient to the other. Furthermore, the position also depends on whether the implant is in the lower or upper jaw.

But generally, the front implant is placed in front of the mental nerve in the lower jaw. On the other hand, the back implants have an angle between 30o to 40o from the biting plane.

Patients get a temporary set of teeth until the implants are fully healed. Later on, a permanent collection of titanium teeth replaces the temporary teeth.

Advantages of All On Four Implants.

The prospect of getting dental implants in a day is a brilliant idea. However, there are several advantages of All On Four Implants. Check them out below.

  • Convenience

All On Four Implants require one sitting. This is a fantastic solution for patients with even the most gruelling schedule. This is in stark contrast to traditional dental implants that require three or more settings.

Also, All On Four Implants eliminates the need to wear dentures. Although dentures have their advantages, not everyone enjoys wearing them. So the All On Four Implants can be a perfect solution for patients looking for natural-looking teeth.

  • Permanent solution

Another fantastic advantage of All On Four Implants treatment is that it is a permanent solution. The implants are typically titanium and do not need the maintenance associated with dentures. Patients with All On Four Implants can chew and eat comfortably without worrying about the implants.

With proper care, All On Four Implants can easily last an entire lifetime of the patient.

  • Aesthetic value

Dentures and braces, in general, do not have the most natural look. Also, some patients feel that their confidence takes a beating with braces.

This is not the case with All On Four Implants. The new set of teeth looks utterly natural, so the patient can eat, laugh, and smile with absolute confidence.

  • Cost-effective

All On Four Implants is also cost-effective in relation to its convenience as well as a permanent solution. Most dental insurance companies also cover a portion of the All On Four Implants treatments.

If you want to know about All On Four Implants, don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

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