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Are you looking for an effective and quick way to straighten your teeth and improve your smile? You need to check out Cfast treatment.

Find out everything about Cfast below.

What is Cfast?

Cfast is a cosmetic dental treatment that corrects the alignment of the teeth in a short period. The treatment is similar to Invisalign, as it is also invisible. However, Cfast uses nickel-titanium wires and brackets. The wires put gentle pressure on the brackets, which straighten out the crooked or misaligned teeth.

This dental treatment is completely non-invasive and is typically for the six front teeth. The teeth may be in the lower or upper jaw or both. Since the wires and brackets are clear or the colour of your tooth, Cfast is very discreet and almost invisible.

One of the many advantages of Cfast is that the results are pretty quick. Patients can see remarkable results in about three months, which is impressive. However, for optimum results, patients wear the brackets for about eight months.

Can teeth be straightened in 6 months?

With traditional braces, getting perfectly aligned teeth in six months is not possible. However, with Cfast, it is possible to straighten misaligned teeth in six months or less. As we have mentioned above, three weeks with Cfast will also straighten crooked teeth in a significant way.

The main reason why Cfast works very quickly is that the braces focus on the six front teeth. These social teeth are the most prominent ones in a person’s smile, which significantly impacts confidence.

Do Cfast braces hurt?

A straightforward answer? No. Cfast braces work with gentle pressure, so it does not hurt. The nickel-titanium wires and brackets gently align the teeth without causing any discomfort to the patient. Since the wires and brackets are not as tight as in a traditional brace, the teeth’ movement is natural.

However, within the first week or so, there can be slight discomfort. This is entirely natural since you have foreign objects in the mouth. The comfort of wearing Cfast braces will depend on the doctor’s expertise and how well the braces fit your teeth. Therefore getting the Cfast braces from a certified and experienced dentist is critical.

Cfast braces are also very comfortable and look natural. Also, you can remove the braces for eating and cleaning, which adds to its convenience.

Cost of Cfast treatment.

Cfast treatment is a very affordable treatment. It does not warrant a regular visit to the doctor. This dramatically reduces the cost of Cfast treatment. Besides, the initial cost of Cfast braces is also very affordable, one of its many advantages. The affordability of the Cfast is also why the treatment has become very popular with young adults.

In fact, Cfast is one of the most affordable options in orthodontics. Furthermore, dental insurance companies may also cover a portion of the Cfast so you should check with the insurer.

To schedule a complimentary consultation for Cfast braces, get in touch with us today.

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