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Dental Extractions

At times, when a tooth is severely decayed or damaged, you may require a dental extraction. Root canal procedures are used to salvage a tooth that is damaged or decayed, although it is not always possible in all situations. You can relax knowing that our dental experts will assess your tooth and discuss all possible options with you. The Smile Manchester Clinic uses the most current methods and technology to ensure your treatment is as comfortable as it can be with minimal discomfort. Our team is able to administer medical sedation for patients that are nervous about treatment or that suffer from dental phobia. Many times, if you have experienced a dental emergency or are in pain, we can offer same day appointments.

Wisdom teeth extraction:

Wisdom teeth develop somewhere between the mid teens to mid twenties. Usually they develop perfectly normal, without causing any issues. Sometimes, the mouth does not have enough space for the developing wisdom teeth to fully erupt, causing them to come in sideways in the gums or become impacted. This can cause discomfort and pain, and could result in your dentist recommending to have the teeth extracted. Similar to regular tooth extractions, wisdom teeth procedures can have a higher complexity level depending on the location and how the tooth is positioned. For very complex cases, a specialist may be required to perform the treatment. It is normal following the procedure to experience mild pain as the area heals. We will discuss the best methods of over the counter pain relief and can prescribe in-house relief if necessary. Our team is here to ensure your extraction procedure goes smoothly, with minimal discomfort. Contact us to arrange for a free of charge, no obligation consultation.

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