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Denture Stabilisation with Dental Implants

Many people find using dentures daunting a lot of times because of their mobility. Dentures tend to either get loose or fiddly while eating. A lot of times, they can also cause discomfort and annoyance around the mouth. And this is where Denture Stabilisation comes into the picture. This procedure allows people to replace their missing teeth and at an affordable cost. In fact, an entire set of dentures may even cost less than getting a few implants.

Denture Stabilisation has become hugely popular not only for its low cost. But mainly because it provides more comfort. More people are resorting to this treatment as they don’t come with problems with other prosthetics.

How does it work?

Denture Stabilisation is the process of placing dental implants to secure and anchor dentures. A dental implant is a titanium screw, and it finds its place into the jawbone directly and finally blends into the bone tissue. The procedure may require putting even two implants at the front and lower jaw in an unstable lower denture. Or it may require even three to four if the upper denture is also unstable. It entails the use of special connectors to attach the implants securely. This process can be painful; hence, the patient undergoes it with the help of an anesthetic. Once the healing process is complete, putting Dentures, crowns, and bridges occurs.

You can continue to remove your dentures for cleaning or whenever you need to. But you can rest assured that it will hold a firm position whenever you put it back in your mouth and will no longer be unstable. You can say goodbye to denture adhesive now.

Benefits of Dental Stabilisation

Many people shy away from resorting to dentures because they can get wobbly in the mouth. Luckily, with the coming of dental stabilisation, more people are now content with getting dentures. That is because the treatment ensures stable dentures and prevents bone tissue loss. Here are the reasons why getting a Denture Stabilisation is a good idea.


  • Dental Implants stabilize and strengthen dentures. They restore the patient’s ability to chew their food better. The domino effect then comes into play. When one chews better, they digest better, leading to overall good health.
  • Denture Stabilisation makes it easier for the patient to talk comfortably. One no longer needs to fear the falling off of dentures while speaking or expressing themselves.
  • They are more comfortable than conventional dentures because they stay in place. They don’t provide discomfort because of the firm placement.
  • With dental implants, it becomes easier to clean and maintain the dentures. That is because you only need to do the basic regime such as brushing twice a day and flossing as you would to real teeth.
  • Patients need not worry about mouth sores and gum irritation.
  • Denture Stabilisation with implants is a perfect solution if you do not want to undergo expensive individual dental implants.
  • Traditional dentures recede the soft tissue with constant contact while trying to adjust them. A dental implant negates that issue and keeps the dentures in place, and in turn, prevents bone tissue loss.
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