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If made correctly, Dentures should function in a similar way to ordinary teeth as well as way of replacing a gap or gaps from missing teeth. They are designed to appear natural, are not noticeable and an excellent way to reduce gaps from missing teeth. There are a variety of different types to suit each unique situation ranging from removable to implanted dentures.

Before Denture Treatment:

You may require gum disease treatment or have other teeth extracted before you can be treated with dentures. When your mouth has been approved for good oral health by your dentist, an impression of your teeth is taken to ensure a proper, comfortable fit. A dental technician then takes the impression and makes a wax mold for you to test the feel and look. They will make any adjustments necessary and use the mold to create your permanent dentures. You will then be properly fitted and your dentist will ensure they fit perfectly and look natural.

What is the Treatment Process?

Generally, the process can range from several days up to one month depending on what type of dentures you have selected to use, technician lead time and the overall manufacturing quality. If you need an immediate denture, these can usually be created in a day and bridge you though the waiting period for permanent ones as they will not fit and look as good as custom molded dentures.

Possible Complications:

If dentures are not fitted properly, they can cause irritation and swelling. At times due to changes in your mouth, dentures may become loose but can simply be modified to adapt.


Dentures are made from either acrylic, chrome or valplast material and each has a variety of benefits and price range. Though your assessment and consultation, your dentist can recommend which type is most suitable for you and your budget. Dentures can be a full set for patients missing the majority of their teeth or partial to just fill in certain gaps. The latest technology is in implant retained dentures that provide the most stability, comfort and natural experience.

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