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Emergency Dental Treatment

We understand that a dental emergency can happen at any time and in many cases when it is the least convenient. At the Smile Manchester Clinic, we understand that being able to reach an emergency dentist immediately can be difficult. We always strive to see our patients as quickly as possible in emergency situations and usually can book within 24 hours. Dental distress situations can be painful and we want to remove your pain as rapidly as possible. Our front desk team will do everything possible to get you booked for an appointment on the same day.

Dental Emergency?

Our teeth are strong and durable, but injuries do happen. Common types of dental injuries include fractured teeth, chipped or dislodged teeth, jaw injuries, abscesses from bacterial infection and dental pain. Sports injuries, accidents, falls or physical trauma are common causes of dental emergencies.

How to deal with a dental emergency?

A dental emergency can happen anywhere at any time, so it is important to understand how to handle an emergency situation. If you suspect that you have broken a tooth or are suffering from severe pain, contact your dental practice and request an appointment for as soon as possible. If you are a patient on our enrolment program, we offer charge less dental emergency coverage all over the globe, allowing you to access care wherever you happen to be. Please ask our reception team for more details.

Losing a tooth

Storing a tooth in a cup filled with milk or holding between your cheek and gum may increase the chances of the tooth being able to be saved. If you have undergone an accident and suspect that your jaw could possibly be broken or are experiencing severe jaw pain, visit the nearest Accident and Emergency clinic for assessment. For severe dental pain, it is important to been seen by one of our experienced, caring dentists as speedily feasible. You could possible have an abscess – this is an infection and requires urgent treatment.

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