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Finance Options

Dental Health plays a precedent role in one’s overall health. A healthy set of teeth mean good health and stirs one’s persona and mental health. Good teeth can hone our confidence and make us more willing to engage in social surroundings without restraints.

Dental health can, however, be costly, especially with some specific procedures. It can be frustrating when you have the will to visit the dentist routinely but have to hold back because of financial issues.

Here at Smile Manchester, we offer our customers finance options who find it hard to make a one-time payment. Our financing options don’t come in a one-size-fits-all form, but we tailor them to your needs. You also get the leverage to pay over either 12 or 48 months. Our easy payment options allow you to take care of your dental needs while keeping your budget in line.

Financing is a wise choice to keep a check on your budget because some treatments can be quite costly. For instance, procedures like cosmetic, orthodontic, or implant can get expensive. Paying for such treatments at one go can sway anyone’s financial setting to quite an extent.

All we need from you to begin the application process is a copy of your passport or utility bill. Our staff will discuss with you in detail the various options. You may choose whichever repayment plan suits you best.

Once you have agreed on the finance term, we will set up an automatic direct debit from your bank account. Direct debit is a win-win solution because it ensures timely payment and receipt for both the parties involved. It is also a worry-free method for our customers because their credit score improves with timely payments. Our team takes ownership of working with a reputed credit provider and making the credit application on your behalf. Once the credit provider approves and processes your application, you will receive the notification and begin with your treatment.  Click to explore our Finance options with Tabeo.



  • With financing, the chief advantage is it makes even an expensive procedure instantly feasible. It allows you to pay in portions at your comfort level. At the same time, you can avail the treatment you want. The repayment options are always in line with your conditions and compliance.
  • Financing allows you to explore a broader range of treatment options like veneers on finance in Manchester. You have the leverage to undergo more procedures because you know you don’t have to pay for them instantly. While some treatments may be necessary based on your dental problems, you can also move on to other dental enhancement procedures without the guilt.
  • The payment terms cohere with your needs and suitability. There is a wide range of payment options and payment duration for our customers to choose whichever suits them best. 
  • There is no hidden fee involved but a fixed amount that we will receive from your bank account through direct debit. There is also no up-front deposit for you to incur.
  • Our finance options are easy to apply, and it takes only two minutes to do so. Moreover, it won’t affect your credit score, as that is what worries most people.


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