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Inman Aligner

If you suffer from minor misalignment of the teeth and are seeking a quick treatment option, the Inman Aligner Orthodontic Treatment may be the perfect solution for you. With results in as little as six to eight weeks, you can have a beautiful new smile in no time. As always, a full orthodontic assessment is required to make sure you are an ideal patient as well discussing all costs and ways to pay. The proper selection and application of the brace are critical to achieving the desired results and our highly skilled dentists at the Smile Manchester Clinic have a wealth of experiencing fitting patients for this device.

What Is the Inman Aligner?

This treatment method works by using a removable appliance that gently applies pressure to the front and back of your teeth by using force from spring loaded bars. The subtle force gradually realigns the teeth into their new design. Although the device is noticeable, it is extremely cost effective and produces wonderful results.

How to Wear?

For best results, the brace needs to be worn for at least 20 hours per day and for every single day of your treatment duration. The benefit of being able to remove the Inman Aligner let patients eat meals, brush their teeth or celebrate a special occasion without having to wear the brace. Generally, you will only require one brace throughout your treatment. However, some patients choose to use a different, clear aligner at the end of their treatment to fine tune their teeth alignment even further.

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