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Quick Straight Teeth

A perfect set of teeth provides various psychological benefits. It can help gain one’s confidence to quite an extent. You grow more comfortable in socialising with others. A perfect smile is just around the corner with our affordable and comfortable Quick Straight Teeth system.

The main motive of the Quick Straight Teeth technology is to treat mild crowding, rotation, and misaligned teeth. Most people with crooked teeth are embarrassed to laugh, smile, or even talk. They are not prepared to undergo expensive corrective procedures or wear metal braces for years. Short Term Orthodontics proves to be a perfect option as it is beneficial in a short period. What makes the Short Term Orthodontics different from the traditional orthodontic treatment is it fixes only the front of teeth. This procedure is more fitting for those who already have aligned back teeth to an extent, but the front teeth are more crowded.

This technology uses a bracket and wire system that gently aligns your teeth for a perfect, straight, and beautiful smile. The brackets are designed for all-day wearability and to minimise discomfort traditionally associated with braces. Because they are clear, it offers a discreet way to correct your teeth.

Depending on the complexity of your situation, the Quick Straight Teeth method can provide results in 4 to 24 weeks. Affordable, quick, and transparent materials will give you straight teeth in no time, and no one will know you are wearing them.

Imagine how great it will feel to be flashing a perfect smile in a matter of weeks!

To make a more informed decision about this treatment, here are some pros and cons worth considering.



Quick Results

The USP of Quick Straight Teeth lies in its very term. It’s quick. The process of straightening your teeth will take a maximum of 24 weeks. You are lucky to see results in even 4 weeks if the back of your teeth is not aggressively crooked. It is quick because it does not move your teeth faster but only fixing your front teeth. An ideal procedure if you want to flash a beautiful smile in a brief time.


Colourless and Discreet

If you are shy to wear those unsightly metal braces for a long time, Short Term Orthodontics is the solution. This technology has clear braces, and even the wires are the same colour as the teeth. They blend unnoticeably with your teeth. The good news is, you can wear clear braces in both short term and extensive orthodontic treatment cases.


Pocket Friendly

The cost of Short Term Orthodontics is relatively less expensive than the all-inclusive price of conventional braces. The treatment’s affordability is because of the cost of the brace, the duration of therapy, and sometimes the skill and experience of the dentist.



Halfway treatment

Quick Straight Teeth system incorporates only front teeth straightening and doesn’t fix the way they bite together. The braces are cosmetic and strive at correcting crooked teeth, and don’t treat bad bites. As mentioned, this procedure is more practical for most people who have relatively more decently aligned back teeth. On the contrary, comprehensive orthodontic treatment holistically fixes the teeth and improves function.


Varied Results

Often patients undergo this treatment with a preconceived notion that it will work wonders. But the fact remains that the treatment will respond uniquely to every person. Patients mostly fail to realise the incapacity of clear brackets and wires. In such a case, they may further need costlier and more time-consuming secondary treatment.



These pros and cons of Quick Straight Teeth treatment will help you make a more informed decision. It would be best to talk to your dentist and learn if it’s best suited for you, depending on the shape and condition of your teeth.

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