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White Fillings

One of the most frequent dental treatments is fillings. Firstly, decay is a common condition and occurs almost very often. Secondly, the treatment is not costly yet useful in restoring teeth after cavity removal. Fillings become a vital treatment to keep the decay from spreading into the nerve canal.

There are various types of fillings available. Back in the day, dentists used mercury amalgam fillings to treat a cavity. But in the present day, people prefer composite fillings or white fillings as commonly termed. White fillings have earned preference with patients because of their aesthetic finish. It can go unnoticeable as it matches with the tooth color.

At Smile Manchester, our team consists of dentists skilled and experienced in all dental procedures. We only use the finest and graded materials of plastic and glass to create fillings. We ensure that the filling is firm and blends perfectly with your natural tooth color. Once the process of bonding the fillings to your teeth is complete, it will almost be invisible because of the seamless blend. Many of our customers cannot spot where the fillings are because of the composite filling’s natural look.

Why Fillings?

If you know a cavity treatment, you will know that it involves removing decay from the tooth. This treatment ensures oral health yet leaves the tooth exposed to decay in the future again. That’s where fillings come into play. Fillings help in restoring the structure and strength of the treated tooth after cavity treatment.

You may further need to advance the treatment with the fitting of pre-formed filling called onlay or inlay. The dentist may advise fitting a crown after root canal treatment. The crown helps in protecting the tooth with a ceramic cap or casing.

Benefits of White Fillings

Here are some valid reasons why most customers prefer white fillings.

  • White fillings do not use heat as much as metal fillings do. This trait keeps sensitivity at bay, making it more endurance worthy for patients while eating or drinking. If you have silver fillings in your cavity, you need to be more cautious while drinking very hot or cold beverages. But, white fillings adjust to temperature fluctuations.
  • White fillings are safer than metal fillings as the latter can leach into your system over time. Silver fillings have mercury, which is a neurotoxin that can be harmful to health sooner or later. But white fillings are more organic and contain no toxic chemicals or metals.
  • Since white fillings can adjust to temperature changes, they also do not shrink or grow with temperature variations. This nature helps provide more stability in the treated area. But, metal fillings are sensitive to temperature changes and can damage surrounding teeth over time.
  • White fillings provide a more aesthetic finish as they can seamlessly blend with the natural tooth color. Composite resin is also very pliable because of hardening it. One cannot tell the difference most of the time with white fillings. But metal fillings are very prominent with the contrast in colors. 

White fillings also match with the sheen of the tooth along with the color. After hardening the resin, the dentist can polish it to cohere with the natural tooth’s brilliance. This procedure helps give the result a natural finish.

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