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Not too long ago, veneers were thought of as a luxury dental treatment exclusive to Hollywood. Not anymore! With advances in technology and materials, veneers have become a popular procedure that can dramatically transform a smile in a small amount of time.

Veneers are a delicate overlay of tooth-coloured material that covers the tooth’s exterior. There are a variety of materials that can be used ranging from porcelain to synthetic which can provide varying degrees of aesthetic and durability.

Common reasons for using veneers include:

  • Solution to cover badly discoloured teeth
  • Acts as an orthodontic improving the appearance of twisted and crooked teeth
  • Fixes chipped or damaged teeth
  • Covers teeth suffering from fluorosis
  • The materials used for veneers can influence the cost and quality of the treatment. Our team of highly skilled cosmetic dentists can discuss the options that are most suitable to your unique needs via a thorough assessment.

The three major categories of veneers are:

Laboratory Veneers Before we plan any treatment, a detailed exam is required to assess your teeth’ health, and we plan a bespoke restorative design following your wishes. An impression of your teeth is taken to a laboratory to create a custom fit and bonded to your teeth during your second visit. Laboratory veneers will last for years with proper care and bring a natural look specially designed to suit your smile contour, character, and the shade of white you are seeking.

Direct Composite Resin Veneers A wonderful option for those seeking a rapid result, although the quality and finish are not as superior to the laboratory option. A composite material is applied to your teeth after your assessment, and the procedure is quick and painless.

Components The most cost-effective options for veneers on the market and can be completed in one sitting. Pre-made shells of a material composite are applied directly to your teeth. Although the colouring and composition can be limited, it is a safe, budget-friendly option for transforming your smile.

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